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Help With Hospital Bills - Hospital Bill Help - Help Paying Hospital Bills

Negotiate Medical Bills

Few things in life can cause as much financial and physical trauma as a hospital stay. Hospital bills are by their very nature almost always an unexpected expense. Even for patients who are lucky enough to be insured, finding the resources to pay the remaining bills that insurance does not cover is rarely easy.

While efforts to make health care more affordable are now underway, and while ways to obtain more universal coverage for the uninsured is being debated in Congress, the reality is that nearly everyone may need help with their hospital bills. Insurance can help, but simply having medical insurance is no panacea.

That is why all families need to have contingency plans available. But before families can design such a plan, there are some basic considerations for how to best obtain help with hospital bills. One of the first considerations will be the hospital itself. Like any other creditor, some hospitals will be more willing than others to work with the consumer.

Often unadvertised is the fact that in many cases, hospitals offer some form of financial aid for those who are unable to pay and need help with their hospital bills. It will be the consumer's responsibility to ask questions and research what the program requirements are for financial assistance and help with paying off the debt.

Higher prices are commonly charged uninsured patients. Insurance companies are often able to negotiate lower prices because of the volume of services provided. What that means is that uninsured patients may be billed the highest rates for services. If consumer research and questioning the billing department proves this is the case, ask if the hospital will be willing to adjust at least some charges to Medicare or Medicaid rates.

One mistake often made by consumers is thinking or hoping that the bill will simply go away. Wishful thinking will not help with your hospital bills. Resolving the debt will first require action on the part of the consumer. Long before taking more drastic action, such as borrowing money to pay the bill or filing for bankruptcy, there are other measures to consider.

Prior to considering installment payment options or looking for outside help with paying your hospital bills, the hospital bill must first be reviewed for inaccuracies. It is quite common to find charges on hospital bills for services never received. Duplicate charges are another possibility. Never assume the bill is correct without having checked it.

Many consumers assume that hospitals are required to accept any payment that they can offer. It is very important to ask questions and set up a formal, written plan prior to making any payment. This will not mean making a single phone call to the hospital business office.

There will likely be the necessity for several calls and personal visits to someone who has the authority to negotiate a payment plan. Getting help with hospital bills may require substantial paper work. The consumer must be willing to provide copies of monthly bills and perhaps pay stub information in order to establish an ability to pay.

Hospitals can turn over delinquent accounts to collection agencies. Whether the hospital elects to take this action will depend upon several factors. The consumer may assume that simply sending a check in any amount on a regular basis will suffice, but in most cases it will not. Before making minimal payments, there should be a written agreement in place setting out the details of an installment payment plan. Getting help with hospital bills requires willingness on the part of the consumer to become his own best advocate.

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